Friday, 19 May 2017


I have never been a feminist and have generally held the ideology and those who follow it with suspicion. For all that, i still swallowed some of the poison.
   Like a surprising number of white men i believed alot of the rhetoric, i didn't understand how different from us our women are, how conflicted. Like most white men i actually quite like our women, they can be exceptionally lovely (sometimes even on the inside) and i instinctively want to protect and care for them.
   Women ruthlessly exploit this attitude for their own amusement, especially in the form known as feminism i.e.: the female id externalised as an ideology.
   Like many i have rejected feminism but unlike most i have begun to realise how right we used to be about women. They really are adult children, they have the same lack of self awareness and absence of responsibility.
   Their is no better teacher than reality and our women have shown us what they are. Without the control of decent men our women are 'spoilt whores' and no depravity is beneath them. They will whore themselves and call it liberation and murder their own children because its convenient.
   Sadly, many men do nothing but take advantage of this.
   Rhetoric is often little more than PR or outright lies. We must look at the behaviour and practical results of a person or group to truly know them. The label should not be the first thing we look at. With this in mind i observe that inspite of the self applied label 'liberated' our women are unhappy, angry, bitter, lonely and desperate. They long for the men they resent just as they long to be honest and unashamed women once more. They have been driven mad by the cognitive dissonance between rhetoric and instinct. In place of a healthy mind that takes joy in the expression of its natural, evolved instincts they have substituted vacuous 'freedom', and for over 70 years our women have proven themselves unworthy of that freedom, our women don't have 'liberation' they have nothing. 
   Women need and want us to be better than them, to own them and be worthy of owning them. They need us to take control once again but we must be better men. Only within the structure of our benevolent but firm ownership can our women flourish once more, and we need them to flourish. Their can be no white race without white women. Our women are essential to the survival of our people but do not be fooled, they will abandon us if we fail, just as women have always done they will go where the strength is. It is unreasonable to expect them to be more than pragmatic under such circumstances, they are just women after all.
   It is to men that evolution has assigned the duty of protecting our people, it survives or dies directly through us. Our women have been equipped well for a different and complimentary role but they require us to protect them from others and themselves first.
   This is their nature our women need firm, decent men to curb their excesses. For this reason a moderate degree of misogyny and distrust of women is healthy in a man, without it we are defenceless against our womens nature when they become dissolute, entitled or deluded through lack of self awareness and unwillingness to take responsibility. For the good of ourselves, our women and our children we must reclaim our role as white men and carry out the duty we have to them and our people. Women should have no say in politics and nation except via their husbands and children, it is neither their duty or a task to which they are suited.
   Our people cannot be held to ransom by the female id.

The Deal:
Women dedicate themselves to becoming good and obedient wives and mothers, the centre of the family that is the heart of society and civilisation and the motivation for so much that we do.
In return, we must do our duty as protectors and providers, we must treat our women with the respect they are worthy of and must exercise appropriate authority over our women with restraint and decency.
   This deal was the norm among white peoples for generations and granted not only an efficient division of labour, but a stable and healthy foundation for our development as individuals and as a people.

Sunday, 16 April 2017


"Oh but were Aryans! Are we not noble? See how gracious and Magnanimous we are! 
The very model of universal fairness and justice."

And we must maintain our precious values or 'they' win don't they?

The 'Aryan' circle jerk is for fools because Aryans were always fools.
   We were always too soft. even at our worst we were too 'nice'. Even our slaves were sometimes treated better than many of our own. The British rule of India demonstrates our Aryan weakness. We gave them our technology, our knowledge, our industrial infrastructure, our medicine and our global trade network and as if that wasn't moronic enough we then gave them back their country and proceeded to PAY them to breed like maggots, destroy our industry with cheap labour and replace us, how gracious.
      Why didn't we exterminate every single non white in the land mass and repopulate it solely with our own? It wouldn't have been so difficult, just a few generations of racial hygiene. What possible reason did we have to turn from the path of ruthless survival? None, we are 'Aryans' . . .
   Once they realised how soft we are it didn't take them long to exploit it and they are still exploiting it. The past masters of this is the Jew. How many times did we get tired of their shit and kick them out? And how many times have we taken them back in? The Jew scorns us because he knows we are soft, the fact of their continued existence is proof of it.
   For the past 2000 years or more we have done nothing but fail our people utterly, because we are 'Aryan'. Why do Australian Aborigines still exist? Why are their still Native Americans? Or Niggers? Or the Jew? Or mongrels? Why, when we could have annihilated them with relative ease for the betterment of our own did we not act with the ruthlessness that Natural Law demands?
   Our arrogant magnanimity masks crippling softness, weakness and sentiment, as a result our people may not survive the 21st century.
   This absurd 'Aryan' attitude is visible in surprising places, take a look at the standard self hating white. Their attitude is only possible because they are Aryan, no one else has the capacity for it. See how nobly they suffer? With the exception of their own, how universal is their empathy, tolerance and justice?
   If we don't transcend our own bullshit and stop being 'Aryan' we will be incapable of the actions survival demands of us. Its not possible to be noble or decent while securing the existence of our people and a future for white children. Ethnic cleansing isn't 'nice'. For love of our People the 'Aryan' must die, he had many fine qualities and accomplished so much but he is too soft to survive any longer.
               Our race, our People, can no longer be held to ransom by the 'Aryan' mystique.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Passing the buck

We don't want to do the bad things because we are afraid, its understandable, it will be horrific.
Thats why we are so desperate for any sliver of hope in the social establishment.
We want them to do it for us so we can comfortably watch.
We are waiting for them to commit suicide for us.
They never will, even if it means murdering us all.
The best thing they can do is betray us, like always, because it shows us what they are.
It destroys our childish trust and cowardly lying hope.
This may feel bad, but in amongst the despair is the truth.
A People that delegates its own survival to another will die.

Monday, 10 April 2017

The Bloody Sire

It is not bad.  Let them play.
Let the guns bark and the bombing-plane
Speak his prodigious blasphemies.
It is not bad, it is high time,
Stark violence is still the sire of all the world’s values.

What but the wolf’s tooth whittled so fine
The fleet limbs of the antelope?
What but fear winged the birds, and hunger
Jewelled with such eyes the great goshawk’s head?
Violence has been the sire of all the world’s values.

Who would remember Helen’s face
Lacking the terrible halo of spears?
Who formed Christ but Herod and Caesar,
The cruel and bloody victories of Caesar?
Violence, the bloody sire of all the world’s values.

Never weep, let them play,
Old violence is not too old to beget new values.

                                                 Robinson Jeffers

Sunday, 9 April 2017

The Law for the Wolves

Now this is the law of the jungle, as old and as true as the sky,   
And the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die.   
As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk, the law runneth forward and back;   
For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.   
Wash daily from nose tip to tail tip; drink deeply, but never too deep;           
And remember the night is for hunting and forget not the day is for sleep.   
The jackal may follow the tiger, but, cub, when thy whiskers are grown,   
Remember the wolf is a hunter—go forth and get food of thy own.   
Keep peace with the lords of the jungle, the tiger, the panther, the bear;   
And trouble not Hathi the Silent, and mock not the boar in his lair.           
When pack meets with pack in the jungle, and neither will go from the trail,   
Lie down till the leaders have spoken; it may be fair words shall prevail.   
When ye fight with a wolf of the pack ye must fight him alone and afar,   
Lest others take part in the quarrel and the pack is diminished by war.   
The lair of the wolf is his refuge, and where he has made him his home,           
Not even the head wolf may enter, not even the council may come.   
The lair of the wolf is his refuge, but where he has digged it too plain,   
The council shall send him a message, and so he shall change it again.   
If ye kill before midnight be silent and wake not the woods with your bay,   
Lest ye frighten the deer from the crop and thy brothers go empty away.           
Ye may kill for yourselves, and your mates, and your cubs as they need and ye can;   
But kill not for pleasure of killing, and seven times never kill man.   
If ye plunder his kill from a weaker, devour not all in thy pride,   
Pack-right is the right of the meanest; so leave him the head and the hide.   
The kill of the pack is the meat of the pack. Ye must eat where it lies;           
And no one may carry away of that meat to his lair, or he dies.   
The kill of the wolf is the meat of the wolf. He may do what he will,   
But, till he is given permission, the pack may not eat of that kill.   
Lair right is the right of the mother. From all of her years she may claim   
One haunch of each kill for her litter, and none may deny her the same.           
Cub right is the right of the yearling. From all of his pack he may claim   
Full gorge when the killer has eaten; and none may refuse him the same.   
Cave right is the right of the father, to hunt by himself for his own;   
He is freed from all calls to the pack. He is judged by the council alone.   
Because of his age and his cunning, because of his gripe and his paw,           
In all that the law leaveth open the word of the head wolf is law.   
Now these are the laws of the jungle, and many and mighty are they;   
But the head and the hoof of the law and the haunch and the hump is—Obey!
                                                                                                      Rudyard Kipling

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Bread and Circuses

What's different now?
   Some of our people have been saying similar things to us in one form or another for decades but it made little difference, why?
   These were determined men with charisma, eloquence, passion and drive. Why did they attract so few and have so little impact on the great petulant masses?
   The answer is that in order to have enough impact to affect our people an enormous amount of emotional energy must be present in the people themselves. It is this energy that drives ideology and transforms dry, brittle ideas into an almost uncontrollable fire.
   The source of this emotional energy varies a little. In the case of the 'left' it is mostly guilt and prestige. In the case of the 'right' it is usually fear and contentment. In the absence of sufficient emotion in the people as a whole, if they are too comfortable and can satisfy their drives without having to confront anything, they will do nothing.
   This is observable in the 'left'. They act out their emotional needs and manifest them as virtue status and guilt. They are dependent on these emotions for power and use them continually to manipulate us. In the absence of this emotional foundation or overruled by a contradictory one their ideas have absolutely no capacity to move us. This is always the case for a people and individuals, look for the emotional hook, this is where the real power comes from.
   Sadly we are as pragmatic as cows and tend to be inert without strong external influence to rouse us. In most people the required emotional energy is absent and is typically stimulated by discontent. Only when enough of us directly suffer will the mass of our people begin to move. The purpose of ideas in this context is to attract, influence and direct this energy.
   Our people still aren't suffering very much at all, even now. They will more or less casually dismiss murder, mass rape and  their self evident replacement unless it is seen to be directly affecting them personally. The fear of repercussions overrides the desire to act.
   So what's different now?
   The difference is that now the cows have been loaded onto the lorry and are bound for the abattoir. As we get closer to what is coming our people will be roused from their apathy by the slaughterhouse stench and the same drives that caused our apathy; fear of pain and desire for comfort, will drive us to fight. Like cornered rats at first perhaps, but fight we will.
   Despair and personal terror will liberate us.
   Our duty is to prepare ourselves and our people for that time and guide their awakening and the massive energy released by it down the path of ruthless survival and fascism. Words help, ideas help, but in the end our people will go where the strength is.


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

What future?

Our country is dying and is beyond hope of revival.
While tragic, this is not a bad thing.
Our current nation is the equivalent of AIDS to our people.
Its purpose is to destroy our healthy immune response to invasion and death.
The future has only two outcomes;
   They win and we are raped and murdered out of existence.
   We win and become monsters in the process.
Neither outcome results in our current sick nations survival, it is incapable of survival and it deserves to die, it stopped being a part of our people generations ago.
Both outcomes result in atrocity, ordeal and death for millions, including me.
The question is no longer: How can we prevent this?
The question is now: How can we win this?
What petty coercion do they use to subdue us as we are lead to the mass grave of our future?
I always wondered why people cooperated with their captors when they were told to dig their own grave.