Sunday, 11 February 2018

Permissiveness and liberalism

The underlying motivations of liberalism are not inherently wrong. Compassion, empathy and the inclination to respect peoples personal choice is quite decent and the urge to create a society that reflects this has a sort of nobility to it.
   These simple drives can function fairly well in a more basic setting in which Natural Law imposes itself directly on us because they are limited by circumstances. The daily struggle for survival that Natural Law demands teaches us the importance of nation, the value of family and the ability to work and sacrifice for something greater than ourselves. We learn that violence is natural and what can happen when we loose. The more extreme degenerates would typically get weeded out either by the community or by their own inability to function. The basic drives that liberalism depends on are tempered by these realities, they are kept in proportion.
   Our basic drives evolved to fit an ecology governed by Natural Law that balanced them and curbed their excesses allowing us to function in a natural and fundamentally healthy way in spite of, or because of, the struggles involved. But we no longer live in an ecology governed directly by Natural Law. Through our cleverness we have developed ways to mitigate or avoid some of the limitations and struggles that are our birthright and we have combined this with super-abundance and hyper-stimulation. The result is grossly exaggerated instinctual drives with little immediate limiting factors in the short term:
   Grotesque parodies of compassion, empathy and self hate masquerading as morality.
   Obesity and physical weakness resulting from idleness and profligacy.
  Sexual perversion of every sort via pornography and promiscuity enabled by mass media, medicine and the deliberate destruction of the family and its function.
   Ignorance, selfishness, cowardice and arrogance in the guise of individualism.
   Mothers proudly murdering their own children in the womb and calling it their choice.
   The underlying motivations that gives rise to liberalism and permissiveness can exist within a hard setting because their excesses are curbed by reality. But they cease to function properly when placed in a softer and superficially more lenient setting.
   Liberalism and permissiveness fail because they have no internal coherence or structure allowing them to function without the direct imposition of Natural Law.  Like an amputated limb they are an impulse without a setting.
   Liberalist of one type or another will bleat their insipid "don't tread on me's!" and "Golden Rule's" as long as the boot of uncompromising Natural Law, the structure of reality itself, is held off their necks by better men than themselves. But in a world where the Fox MUST kill to survive and the Rabbit MUST run to live a little longer the 'golden Rule' is absurd, delusional and doomed.
   What could be more ridiculous than liberalism in a world of violent struggle and hard reality? What imbecile or madman could belive it? I did and i find that fact shame full and barely comprehensible now.
There are two solutions to the problem of instinct in the absence of immediately applied Natural Law:

   1. The 'Amish' Solution: Regress our technology to the point where Natural Law can more directly and immediately impose itself on us so that our drives assume their normal roles once more in the absence of hyper stimulation, super abundance and ease. Liberal drives revert to a simple respect for personal boundaries and common decency within a cohesive community that is bound together by need, shared values and race. This is effectively a lobotomy, it requires that we deny the full scope of what it means to be at least a semi-sentient part of existence. It means to deliberately learn nothing. It means growing potatoes instead of exploring the universe.

   2. The Will Solution: Act with discipline and a practical understanding of Natural Law to deliberately curb our excesses. To act in accordance with Natural Law as an act of will and choice not just because we are powerless to do anything else. To recognise that Natural Law isn't just the basic structure of reality but that its structure IS virtue and to live by it is the only true morality. This allows us to view life honestly and go to the stars as a whole, sane people.

It means to live and build our nations based on these truths:
   The morality of sentiment (liberalism) is the morality of a victim.
   The morality of might is the morality of a rapist.
   The morality of strength is the morality of nature. Anything less is betrayal, delusion and death.
   Every civilisation that progresses far enough encounters the problem of what to do when let of the leash of Natural Law for a time. Every civilisation that has proceeded us so far has failed this test and died one way or another.
   Will we be the first to pass the test and become an embodiment of Natural Law instead of just a glorified ape on its way to extinction?
   Liberalism and permissiveness were doomed from the start but without experiencing their siren call and seeing the horrific results how would we know?

"Liberalism is moral syphilis" J.Bowden.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Hatred and Weakness

There are non whites that make us hate them and there are non whites that make us weak.
The ones that make us weak are by far the more dangerous, thay make us collaborate with our own death.
In this picture the child is the most lethal

Saturday, 3 February 2018

A hard truth

Statement: Don't tread on me.
Reply: There is in all life theft and murder.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

What they taught me

   All my life i have been told that we are moulded by society into what we become. When non whites behave the way they do it is because of the social conditions we have imposed upon them. I was told that these non whites needed good role models, more money, more representation and so on. That without them they would naturally 'go bad' because we have oppressed them.
   These same believers in the 'blank slate'  then proceed to routinely portray my people as stupid, fat, lazy, entitled and every other type of degenerate possible. Our women are taught to be grotesque and our men are taught to join in. Everything we are is denigrated and slandered. They portray sodomy and every perversion as normal and lampshade our history to make us think it was always that way. They coerce us into stepping aside for their special interest groups at the expense of our own people.
   When you realise that the people controlling our media seem to actually believe their blank slate nonsense their actual motivation becomes horribly clear.
They want to drag us down.
They want us dead.
This is what they have taught me about themselves.


Q: What is the difference between a domesticated animal and a wild one?
A: Struggle

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

A Tale of Control

A group or white men are standing about talking.
   Some distance away but within earshot are a group of jews.
   The jews are mostly ignoring the white men when they aren't trying to scam them or wipe them out.
Suddenly the jews stiffen in shock, they just heard some of the white men say "Jew!" and then "Fucking Kikes!" one of them even said "its our country!"
Looking over they see some of the white men are glancing in their direction with anger.
   They return to their huddle with a new intensity. After a little while one of their number comes forth and stands a little way from its tribe. Unfurling a flag bearing a swastika the jew proceeds to shout "Kike! Yid! Heeb!" and so on. Some of the white men walk over to watch more closely. The jew begins to hop from foot to foot, waving its arms and doing a little dance all the while shouting the same simplistic slogans and shallow parodies in mockery of the flag he stands beneath.
   The white men watching beckon more of their people over and the jew puts his hat down on the ground so they can put shekels in it "for the movement", all the while studiously avoiding mention of any real knowledge or productive action. The crowd begins to dance like the jew.
After some time another white man joins them and begins pointing all this out to the crowd.
   Most just put their fingers in their ears and carry on dancing, others ask "what have YOU done for the movement?!", some will accuse him of being a jew. Even when the man gives proof of the jews actions they just say "hes a good one, stop purity spiralling. Its people like you that are the problem!"
   But the actual jew isn't worried, he just points and laughs at the stupid goyim and swindles more shekels. Slowly the jew dance changes, instead of a simple parody in mockery of the swastika the jew begins to add new elements till eventually and without realising it the white men are dancing almost independently of the jew, almost. The jew is delighted, it has learnt a new way of manipulating the goyim while hiding in plain sight, gets to make more shekels and the foolish goyim actively defend it.


Saturday, 30 December 2017

Perverted altruism

"White people are evil, they owe us! Apologise! Reparations! Privilege! Imperialist! Racist!" and on and on . . .
The fundamental dishonesty is sickening. If we really where so bad such name calling would mean little to us. Why would it? Why would we care? But we do care and its because we aren't really what they claim. Its not that we haven't done 'bad' things its that even at our worst we are actually quite nice, this is easily demonstrated by simple honest comparison with our accusers. We want to be decent and so we are susceptible to this sort of moral/emotional blackmail. It can only work on generally decent people and they know we are decent because if they didn't they would be afraid, yet they clearly are not. This is the perversion, to take something decent in our people and turn it into a weapon to extort and exterminate us.
   For our people to live we must burn away all compassion and empathy for each and every non white without exception.
   Sentiment or survival.