Tuesday, 16 January 2018

What they taught me

   All my life i have been told that we are moulded by society into what we become. When non whites behave the way they do it is because of the social conditions we have imposed upon them. I was told that these non whites needed good role models, more money, more representation and so on. That without them they would naturally 'go bad' because we have oppressed them.
   These same believers in the 'blank slate'  then proceed to routinely portray my people as stupid, fat, lazy, entitled and every other type of degenerate possible. Our women are taught to be grotesque and our men are taught to join in. Everything we are is denigrated and slandered. They portray sodomy and every perversion as normal and lampshade our history to make us think it was always that way. They coerce us into stepping aside for their special interest groups at the expense of our own people.
   When you realise that the people controlling our media seem to actually believe their blank slate nonsense their actual motivation becomes horribly clear.
They want to drag us down.
They want us dead.
This is what they have taught me about themselves.


Q: What is the difference between a domesticated animal and a wild one?
A: Struggle

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

A Tale of Control

A group or white men are standing about talking.
   Some distance away but within earshot are a group of jews.
   The jews are mostly ignoring the white men when they aren't trying to scam them or wipe them out.
Suddenly the jews stiffen in shock, they just heard some of the white men say "Jew!" and then "Fucking Kikes!" one of them even said "its our country!"
Looking over they see some of the white men are glancing in their direction with anger.
   They return to their huddle with a new intensity. After a little while one of their number comes forth and stands a little way from its tribe. Unfurling a flag bearing a swastika the jew proceeds to shout "Kike! Yid! Heeb!" and so on. Some of the white men walk over to watch more closely. The jew begins to hop from foot to foot, waving its arms and doing a little dance all the while shouting the same simplistic slogans and shallow parodies in mockery of the flag he stands beneath.
   The white men watching beckon more of their people over and the jew puts his hat down on the ground so they can put shekels in it "for the movement", all the while studiously avoiding mention of any real knowledge or productive action. The crowd begins to dance like the jew.
After some time another white man joins them and begins pointing all this out to the crowd.
   Most just put their fingers in their ears and carry on dancing, others ask "what have YOU done for the movement?!", some will accuse him of being a jew. Even when the man gives proof of the jews actions they just say "hes a good one, stop purity spiralling. Its people like you that are the problem!"
   But the actual jew isn't worried, he just points and laughs at the stupid goyim and swindles more shekels. Slowly the jew dance changes, instead of a simple parody in mockery of the swastika the jew begins to add new elements till eventually and without realising it the white men are dancing almost independently of the jew, almost. The jew is delighted, it has learnt a new way of manipulating the goyim while hiding in plain sight, gets to make more shekels and the foolish goyim actively defend it.


Saturday, 30 December 2017

Perverted altruism

"White people are evil, they owe us! Apologise! Reparations! Privilege! Imperialist! Racist!" and on and on . . .
The fundamental dishonesty is sickening. If we really where so bad such name calling would mean little to us. Why would it? Why would we care? But we do care and its because we aren't really what they claim. Its not that we haven't done 'bad' things its that even at our worst we are actually quite nice, this is easily demonstrated by simple honest comparison with our accusers. We want to be decent and so we are susceptible to this sort of moral/emotional blackmail. It can only work on generally decent people and they know we are decent because if they didn't they would be afraid, yet they clearly are not. This is the perversion, to take something decent in our people and turn it into a weapon to extort and exterminate us.
   For our people to live we must burn away all compassion and empathy for each and every non white without exception.
   Sentiment or survival.

Monday, 25 December 2017

Compromise and consensus

   People think that a strong, cohesive group is made through dialogue and compromise.
It is not.
   When 'A' wont compromise and 'B' will then 'A' is the ruler.
   'A' controls the terms.
   'A' directs the narrative.
   'B' just has to go along with it, regardless of any feeble objections.
   'B' can fuck off by themselves if they want but if they are the type to compromise they will be unlikely to do that for long especially if 'A' gets results.
   Most people are 'B'.
   If you try to debate your way to consensus you will get a 'manifesto' in 403 pages with a series of foot notes longer than the original document that means precisely nothing and only serves to piss everyone off.
   We don't need to dot every 'i', we just need to get the basic principles understood by most. If they want to learn more then great but it is not required.
   If you are considering compromise it can never be on anything meaningful and it must ALWAYS be reciprocated.
   If we compromise in order to get people to listen to us (i.e broaden the appeal) we are lying to ourselves and them. Speak honestly and fully, without compromise and trust them to understand, if your message is correct and they can see its truth in their own lives they will.
   This doesn't deal with the outright lies of the enemy and de-platforming, but if we don't proceed from the above basis we are doing their work for them.

Never compromise.

Sunday, 3 December 2017


I have often felt dubious of the various e-celebrities that claim to be National Socialists or something similar. This was partly because i was unsure what national socialism really was and partly because of the behaviour of these people.
   I would set aside my doubts as unfounded and told myself i still had much to learn. I ignored the warnings of my inner voice and dismissed the accusations others made as simple noise or misinformation.
   I can no longer do this.
   I have developed a level of knowledge and awareness that matches my inner voice and tells me the truth. These people are charlatans. They are every bit merchants of the same filth as always with a different wrapping.
So what to do when those i believed in turn out to be worthless?
I have realised that in looking for a leader i relinquished my own will and agency, such as it is.
I became a useful idiot and for what? To mitigate my own weakness.
While it is certain i will make mistakes again i will never make this mistake again.
When everything else is gone i have my own self to rely on.
Guided by healthy cynicism and suspicion i will evaluate them based on their character and actions, not words.
If they want my trust and support they must earn it.
Though my knowledge is far from complete i will trust what i have; my self and my own judgement even though it will sometimes be wrong.
Credulity is the host of lies.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Lays of Aincient Rome

To every man upon this earth
Death cometh soon or late.
And how can man die better
Than facing fearful odds,
For the ashes of his fathers,
And the temples of his gods
                        Horatius, xxvii. 
                    Thomas Babington Macaulay