Tuesday, 4 July 2017


A people are composed of racially homogeneous individuals that place the needs of their people above that of themselves, they function as a group and act in accordance with their logos as a people. This doesn't mean that they are no longer individuals, it means that they can deliberately choose to sacrifice personal benefit for something greater; their people.
   A man that kills a deer can choose to gorge himself on the meat alone or he can choose to share the meat with his tribe: he can choose to place the needs of his people above his own. If he does so he looses out personally to some extent but his people benefit. The tribe that is composed of people that do this; act as a people, is the tribe that wins. By definition a tribe of autonomous individualistic snowflakes does not exist, nor can it ever exist. Natural law will not allow it because they will always succumb to a stronger people that know what it means to sacrifice and fight for each other.
   Does this mean that we should renounce our individual will and become drones? Of course not, our personal will and capacity for self determination are not only a fundamental part of our logos, they are a tremendous asset and in part are a product of our people. How many great things have been accomplished through individual will and talent? And how much of that is a direct product of the people from which such greatness arose? Both are necessary, the qualities of the people and the individuals who embody it, fight for it, sacrifice for it and bring it to greatness through their own greatness.
   This requires reciprocity, altruism and trust within a people that can be subject to abuse. There is no better indicator of someone's worthlessness than if they exploit this loyalty and altruism. The parasitic Jew has made it their way of life but there are many of our own that refuse to reciprocate also, individualists for example.
   We are not perfectly autonomous individuals, we are not free to be whatever we want, we are not free to do whatever we like. We are bound by natural law and the logos of our people if we wish to be a part of life instead of degenerates. Our people are an extended family that gave rise to us, in a very real sense they are our mother and father just as we will be to future generations of our people, directly or not. This is our personal obligation and duty and is the correct relationship between individualism and collectivism. If you think you can hide from this duty as an individualist then you are wrong. One of the reasons that our people are dying is because of the betrayal by such 'individuals' that are unwilling to stand for their people. Where will these precious snowflakes hide when our replacements no longer have any use for their individualist posturing and intellectual masturbation? I expect most will abandon their individualism with only token rationalisations because in the end we want to be part of a people. Some wont realise this until it is too late.
   It is sickening how our sense of tribe and our loyalty to our very blood has been systematically and deliberately 'deconstructed' and is now 'sinful'. The intentional and inevitable consequence of that is horrific and will end with our people being raped and murdered out of existence. Its already happening. We have been maliciously infected with various forms of cultural AIDS to prevent us from recognising our plight and resisting our extermination. Individualism is one of these, it disarms our normal healthy immune response to our women and children being raped, to our people being murdered in the streets and the approaching reality of being foreigners in our own land subject to another people that despise us.
   Individualism is AIDS.
  Out of love for our people and will to live we must put aside feckless, poisonous 'individualism'.
We will become a people once more or we will end.
"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack." Rudyard Kipling

Friday, 23 June 2017


   The word terrorism when used as a judgement instead of a description, is an attempt to reframe reality to suit the people who use it, its a form of delusional sophistry.
   The act of terrorism is simply violence with the intention of breaking the enemies will to fight just like any other act of warfare. Regardless of sentiment it is clearly efficient so how is it wrong? Its unpleasant, its supposed to be but that has no bearing on its correctness. Terrorism is a weapon, when we object to terrorism it should not be because of what it is but because the enemy is using it more effectively than us.
   If we fall into the trap of objecting to terrorism on 'universal justice' grounds or because of timid domesticated 'morality' then we become absurd hypocrites, simultaneously condemning our enemies actions while having to justify our own disturbingly similar behaviour. If we try in spite of reality to fight somehow pleasantly, (as if that were even possible) we abandon hard reality in favour of sentiment, this is inexcusable and a betrayal of our people.
   Natural law, reality itself is uncompromising and ruthless how can we place our feelings above that? How can we pretend that reality is other than it is? There is no nice way to kill anything, and when a people fight for their existence to try and do so is pathetic and doomed. This doesn't mean that we always have to be sadistic but we must be honest and approach the needs of our people with pragmatism. How do we secure the existence of our people and a future for white children?
   In the end terrorism is a method.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Degeneracy Cancer

This is how degeneracy spreads.
   Degenerates hate themselves, although they don't seem to understand why and sometimes don't even consciously recognise it. In their efforts to justify their degeneracy and remove their self hate they are compelled to pursue the acceptance of others. They will lie, threaten, protest and manipulate in order to make themselves feel better and justify themselves through the validation we give them.
   So much so obvious, but it gets worse. The source of the spread of degeneracy is our consent through such sophistry as "consenting adults" or "they aren't hurting anyone" or even "why not?". By allowing ourselves to fall prey to these memes we abandon truth in favour of appeasement and conflict avoidance. We trade truth for ease just as we have traded will for the illusion of safety. We have given consent to degeneracy and by so doing we have become a source of degeneracy ourselves, justifying it in others and in ourselves.
   This is why degenerates are every ones business, its never the case of 'behind closed doors' or tolerating them, our tolerance promotes degeneracy.
   And this is how degeneracy spreads, through our permission and weakness like a metastasising cancer.

Friday, 16 June 2017


We must commit to life or commit to death, half measures will no longer suffice.
   Committing to life requires that we embrace hardship and ordeal as the price we pay for existence. If we are unwilling or unable to endure these things then existence becomes torment and life is not for us, death is the best we can hope for. Until quite recently we were willingly fooled by our soft, degenerate world view that we could live without commitment, getting by on bad habits and domestication. The price our people are paying for this weakness is increasingly, horrifically obvious to anyone who is capable of even modest honesty. We are so timid and uncommitted we are unable to endure even the most trivial of hardships and the thought of what is coming in this century for our race is unthinkable to us.
   The 21st century will be the death of the white race through rape and murder brought about by our own weakness or the rebirth of our people greater and stronger than before through hard, uncompromising will, ruthless violence and deliberate atrocity. Our blood will survive only if we commit to life, choosing otherwise is psychological and physical suicide. If you cannot commit to life, if you cannot endure what is coming for us then it is better that you remove yourself sooner rather than later, it is inevitable. The days of weakness are coming to an end before our eyes.
Consider these alternatives and commit to one.

Friday, 2 June 2017


Their is no equality of our natures.
Their is no equality of ability.
Their is no equality of opportunity.
Their is no equality of outcome.
Their is no equality.
Equality cannot exist.
Now look at what they have done in its name.

Monday, 29 May 2017


I am slowly coming to suspect that most of us are already dead.
Perhaps our people will never resist.
They will wait and complain and rationalise even in the presence of death.
Their will be no meaningful resistance just complaints and sophistry and weakness.
Our future, if we have one, will be small enclaves of besieged and hated whites in a land that was formerly ours.
And in the end its our own fault.
We are without will.
We have chosen to be powerless because we have chosen to be weak, through fear.
Is this developing sucpicion i have betrayal or truth?

'Stern reality alone must mark the way to the goal. To be unwilling to walk the road of hardship means, only too often in this world, the total renunciation of our aims and purposes, whether that renunciation be consciously willed or not.'
                                                                       Adolph Hitler, Mein Kamph

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Simple observation

I remember all the riots, death threats and attacks by Muslims after the Mohammed bomb turban cartoon in 2005. I remember how the imams riled the mobs up and how they waved 'behead those who insult Islam' placards while screaming hysterically all over the world.
   Odd how these same people and their imams don't appear to mind when we and our children are raped and murdered by (so they insist on informing us) 'not real' Muslims in the name of their god. You would think such consistent defamation of their precious beliefs by these 'not real' Muslims would arouse at least a small riot, perhaps a few death threats.
   Yet they appear quite calm.
The Muslims i see walking the streets are entirely unconcerned, not only by what (if we are weak enough to believe the taqiya) is the continuing mortal insult to their god but also by any repercussions from us.
   They have raped our children by the hundreds of thousands, they have murdered us, beheaded us, exploited and degraded us. Their is not a single crime they have not committed against our people and still they are quite at ease living amongst us.
They are not afraid.
We have given them little reason to be.
They walk around without the least fear or shame after bombing us.
A people who cannot or will not make those who rape and murder them afraid is a doomed people.