Wednesday, 11 October 2017


It seems that he could no more find content in those places, but had formed a mighty longing for the English cliffs and downlands of his boyhood; where in little dreaming villages England’s old songs hover at evening behind lattice windows, and where grey church towers peep lovely through the verdure of distant valleys. He could not go back to these things in the waking world because his body was dead; but he had done the next best thing and dreamed a small tract of such countryside in the region east of the city, where meadows roll gracefully up from the sea-cliffs to the foot of the Tanarian Hills. There he dwelt in a grey Gothic manor-house of stone looking on the sea, and tried to think it was ancient Trevor Towers, where he was born and where thirteen generations of his forefathers had first seen the light. And on the coast nearby he had built a little Cornish fishing village with steep cobbled ways, settling therein such people as had the most English faces, and seeking ever to teach them the dear remembered accents of old Cornwall fishers. And in a valley not far off he had reared a great Norman Abbey whose tower he could see from his window, placing around it in the churchyard grey stones with the names of his ancestors carved thereon, and with a moss somewhat like Old England’s moss. For though Kuranes was a monarch in the land of dream, with all imagined pomps and marvels, splendours and beauties, ecstacies and delights, novelties and excitements at his command, he would gladly have resigned forever the whole of his power and luxury and freedom for one blessed day as a simple boy in that pure and quiet England, that ancient, beloved England which had moulded his being and of which he must always be immutably a part.

                                                                        H.P Lovecraft, 1927.
                                                                     The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

Sunday, 8 October 2017

#notall . . .

Why do people say this?
It has the semblance of reason and is factually accurate. But their is a lot more to it than that.
It means that if any of the people that are murdering us isnt an active participant then we cant do anything. Just in case.
Because we cant risk feeling bad now can we?
We must paralyse ourselves with timid, weak morality, choose our pathetic conscience over our people and slip closer to extinction.
Isnt it only the moral thing to do?
When even those who claim to fight for our people are infected with sentiment it can only end one way.
We are dying of sentiment.
If we are to survive it will be without sentiment.
Because our survival as a people cannot be accomplished without the most ruthless of actions.
I dont care if its 'not all . . . '
I dont care if its 'unjust'
I dont care if its horrific.
And if you do care you should join the other preening cunts with their 'refugees welcome signs' and excuses.

If all sentiment for non whites was removed from you what would you do and why?
We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Merit > Equality

The sacred cow of equality has three manifestations:
1.Equality of ability
2.Equality of opportunity
3.Equality of outcome

   Equality of ability: This is clearly and self evidently absurd. We are not equal, our personal talents, abilities and our very natures are in no way equal. Their is no equality of ability and it doesn't matter how that inequality of ability came to be. From a practical point of view it only matters that it exists.
   Equality of opportunity: This is lunacy especially in light of the first. How can you give 'equal opportunity' to a genius and a retard? To a man without eyes and a man without legs? Accurate, objective evaluation of the relative merit of the people involved is correct and necessary but how does this equate with equality? In fact objectivity can only result in inequality because we are inherently unequal.
   Equality of outcome: If their is no equality of our natures and no equality of opportunity why would we expect equality of outcome? On the contrary, honest objectivity expects to see inequality of outcome.

   They begin with the incorrect assumption that the fictional concept of equality is real and through lack of personal honesty and self awareness they make it a sacred cow. Everything must bend or break before this bloated, sacred dishonesty. If their is inequality it cannot be a result of inherent differences or merit but only because of external factors, oppression, unfairness or injustice. Like a bad scientist they look for the results they crave and when they are absent they will make observable reality conform to their theory. But reality wont bend or break for them and as time passes and inequality only becomes more apparent they become more desperate: Preferential treatment for their pets, wild accusations of nebulous, unspecified 'institutionalised' or society wide oppression, shrill aggression.
   But inequality is natural law.
   It is as non negotiable as gravity.
   Equality is the antithesis of merit because meritocracy is inherently unequal and elitist.
   It is because honest merit is objective that it is unequal, elitist and it works.
   Equality cannot exist, and the reality of pursuing this perverse fiction is becoming hideously self evident to anyone with basic honesty.
   Equality is a weapon they use to convince us that what is happening is correct and good when infact it is incorrect and evil.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

...and cannot come again

          XL (40)

          Into my heart an air that kills
           From yon far country blows:
          What are those blue remembered hills,
           What spires, what farms are those?

          That is the land of lost content,
           I see it shining plain,
          The happy highways where I went
           And cannot come again.

                       Alfred Edward Housman, A shropshire Lad.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

The truth and the way

All life is a product of will; Will to survive, will to procreate, will to fight, will to sacrifice, will to power.
 Where will is lacking life is lacking.
Just as all life arises and continues through will, all power to act in life is a manifestation of Will.
All power and the will that creates it must eventually be expressed as physical violence when it encounters sufficient resistance.
 This is observable and irrefutable.
 Violence is natural law.
Honest violence is the ultimate expression of life/will/power and only the violent can honestly act.
 The merchant must buy violence.
 The weak must appeal to sentiment.
 Lacking direct violence of their own the merchant, the pathetic, the seductive and the soft will always try to subvert the violent for their own convenience like a parasite that rewrites the brain of its host.
  Only the violent can honestly act but remember, healthy violence is a tool not a master and without a purpose it becomes degenerate.
 Violence contains no morality, it isn't right or wrong and carries no judgement. Violence is simply the fundamental mechanism that governs all life.
 Violence must be guided by will in accordance with natural law in the name of our people.
This is the truth and the way:
        Oh my brothers, the Universe belongs to violence and the violent will always rule it.
"It is not bad, it is high time,
Stark violence is still the sire of all the world’s values"
The Bloody Sire, Robinson Jeffers

Sunday, 20 August 2017


In amongst all the hatred, disgust and vengeance it is easy to forget what we are fighting for.
This is especially true of young men.
   We aren't fighting to establish tyranny, freedom, an economy or a political system.
   We are not merely fighting for survival on a superficial level or even on a personal one.
   This is as much a spiritual battle against weakness and degradation as a physical one against extinction.
   We are fighting for our family. Our men and women of all ages who have ever lived or will ever live, all functioning as a natural organic whole; our nation. We are fighting to transform our family into one that can live a natural life free from degeneracy both within and without.
   Living in accordance with logos not because it imposes itself upon us but by an act of will, to choose natural law because it is right and true.
   Neither rebelling against nature or victim of it.
   Animated by will, unified by love and duty, guided by natural law and the fierce morality of strength.
   Healthy, vigorous, hard, strong.

Saturday, 19 August 2017


If i am a 'bad' boy and i don't pretend the shit tastes like chocolate:
   verbal abuse, ostracism, unemployment, poverty, assault, prison, death,
If i am a 'good' boy and say thank you:
   In 30-50 years if I'm still alive and they dont just dump me on the street. Being left in my own filth for days and barely fed by non whites in a filthy 'retirement' home without the physical ability to act or resist. Watching my people and nation die.

Knowing this, what do they have to threaten me with?
Nothing they can do is worse than what is coming anyway.
If a man can be imprisoned and murdered for the most pathetic resistance why hold back?
What are we waiting for?